Visit Lambertville on a Bus Rental in New Jersey: Part 2

Bus Rental NJ recommends that you and your group explore and enjoy Lambertville in Hunterdon County. Get on a bus rental in New Jersey and head on to Zanya Spa Salon and the James Wilson Marshall House.

Bus Rental in New Jersey

But if you are looking for more varied activities to do while in town, check out these places as well:

3. Holcombe-Jimison Farmstead Museum

The museum aims to preserve the agricultural heritage of Hunterdon County. This is where you would find the Printing Shop, which gives you a glimpse into how printing was done before, including letterpresses used in the 1880s and other machines used over the years. They have an herb garden and you can visit the John Holcombe House too!

Do you ever wonder how people cooked and cleaned in the 1800s through the early years of the previous century? Look at the ovens, stoves and cleaning machines in the Kitchen. How about a visit to the dentist or doctor, with its old dentist chair, medical books and bottled medicines on the shelves? They also hold civil war re-enactments aside from these exhibits.

These are just some of the things that you can do at the Holcombe-Jimison Farmstead Museum!

4. River Horse Brewing Company

The River Horse Brewing Company has its own brews that are available all year round such as the Hop Hazard, Tripel Horse and Special Ale. It also has its seasonal beers such as the Summer Blonde, Belgian Freeze and Double Wit.

If you are going through Lambertville on a weekend, why not sample the beers at the River Horse Brewing Company and take a tour of the brewery as well?

Have your fill. Because you do not have to worry about driving home or to your hotel because you have your bus rental in New Jersey to take care of you and your group!

5. Roxey Ballet

The Roxey Ballet has many performances scheduled all throughout the year. It is your chance to catch an excellent professional group doing the most popular dance performances. Theatrical and dramatic, their performances are sure to captivate you and your group.

A bus rental in New Jersey helps you have a grand time visiting these places. You do not have to worry about getting there and getting around!