Visit Lambertville on a Bus Rental in New Jersey: Part 1

Lambertville is a city with only close to 4,000 people in it, but because of its location on the Delaware River and the presence of great attractions in the area, you might want to arrange for a bus rental in New Jersey and visit the place one of these days.

Bus Rental in New Jersey

Get your friends and family for a day in Lambertville via a bus rental in New Jersey. This way, you get to have a comfortable and fun time getting from one attraction to another without having to worry about how to get there and other problems associated with taking public transport.

While in Lambertville, be sure to visit:

1. The James Wilson Marshall House

James Wilson Marshall was the one to discover gold and helped spark the California Gold Rush in 1848. Before that, however, his family lived in Lambertville.

The James Wilson Marshall House still stands today and is listed on the New Jersey Register of Historic Places, as well as on the National Register of Historic Places. You could still see the beautiful frieze, front door and get a tour in and around the house.

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While being pampered and relaxing at Zanya, why not extend it to the rest of your tour around Lambertville. When traveling, a bus rental in New Jersey guarantees that you have absolutely no stress as far as transportation is concerned, no matter how big your group is!