Visit Duke Farms with Your Friends on a Bus Rental in New Jersey

A bus rental in New Jersey is the perfect way for you to catch the sights in NJ. If you have not been to New Jersey recently, you might want to visit the newly opened Duke Farms.

Imagine more than 2,700 acres of greens that used to belong to Doris Duke. Doris Duke was known as the richest girl in the world who reportedly ate porridge out of a 14-carat gold cup. Duke lived a famed existence until her death in 1993. Since then, Duke Farms have only been opened to small tour groups and only by appointment. Then nobody was allowed inside anymore.

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Now after a $45 million renovation, Duke Farms is open again. Now anyone can roam its grounds and it is a great place to do some walking, running and even have picnics or ride a bicycle. If you think Central Park is tiring because of its hugeness, then you should know that Duke Farms is three times as that.

What makes Duke Farms stand out, however, is its environmental initiatives. The whole point of the estate is to teach visitors how to save the earth.

For one, the Farms have been sheltering wildlife and it is not rare to find a fox or a wolf crossing the street ahead of you. It currently has 30 endangered species from among different animals here and has more than 200 varieties of birds. The estate also houses a conservatory that will soon house more than 1,500 varieties of orchids. Amateur gardeners will get instructions from experts on how to grow their own plants and will be able to swap seeds. It is a great way to see more of native NJ flora and fauna.

Duke Farms also has a sculpture garden where you could probably sit and read a book on a lazy day.

If you want to go and see the Farms for yourself, there is a lot of information on its website at To make the trip much more comfortable and luxurious for you and your group, call us for a bus rental in New Jersey. We would take care of anything you need.

Take note, however that your bus rental in New Jersey would only be able to take you the Farms' parking lot and not inside, where you would need to walk to see the sights!