Valentine Group Dates with a Sprinter Van in New Jersey - Part 1

Valentine's Day is usually reserved for couples, but why not try something different with your family and friends (couples and singles are welcome) and a sprinter van in New Jersey.

The Garden State is a great place to be in love. There are just a lot of places to celebrate love in and activities that you can do as a couple or a group. Who better to share your love with than the people who are closest to you!

sprinter van in New Jersey

Here is a tip, why not go on a relaxing day at the spa with your group on a sprinter van in New Jersey. Instead of each couple going to the spa individually, you can share the costs of the sprinter van rental in NJ and use your savings to splurge on your spa treatments.

The ABC Day Spa has a sweet escape package for less than $255! You and your partner could enjoy a couple’s massage, lunch for two at the Liberty Cafe and a day pass for two at their fitness and wellness center. Because of the substantial savings you can get from splitting the cost of transportation, you can easily upgrade to the One Fine Day package for only $430. This includes the Swedish massage, day pass and lunch plus cleansing facials for two!

Or how about something we bet none of you have done on previous Valentine dates: make your own wine. You can go to Grape Expectations in Bridgewater, NJ, and you will be able to use the finest California grapes to create your own brand of wine. You could do this as a couple or as a group. You would be crushing the grapes together and go through the whole wine making process together.

That is just two of the things you could do when you go out with your friends on Valentine’s Day on a group date. It surely does not make it less romantic, plus having a sprinter van in New Jersey to take you all there means that you have more time to talk rather than have him or her drive while you get bored!