Things You Should Not Believe about Bus Rentals in New Jersey

Bus Rental NJ has been in the travel, tours and transportation business for a long time. It is not surprising that we have heard more than our share of comments that are simply not true. We wonder why these myths about bus rentals in New Jersey persist, despite the fact that most bus companies in NJ run a transparent business.

Bus Rental NJ

In any case, let us help dispel these myths today. Here are some of the things you should not believe about bus rentals in New Jersey.

1. "Buses have been involved in a lot of horrible accidents, so charter buses are just not safe to ride!"

Bus accidents are much highly publicized than car accidents, but did you know that it is far more likely for you to have a car accident than a car accident? National statistics show that bus travel is much safer than car or train travel.

On top of this, Bus Rental NJ makes sure that your bus is well maintained and your drivers are well trained. This assures you that your journey with us is a whole lot safer!

2. "Bus rentals in New Jersey are very expensive!"

One of the most repeated myths about bus rentals in New Jersey is that it is very expensive. This is simply not true. Bus rentals are much more affordable than other modes of transportation for groups.

You would also have to consider just how convenient it is for your group to be on bus rentals in NJ. This would surely help you decide that it is worth every penny you spend!

3. "Booking in advance can help you save money."

Unlike plane travel, the rates for a bus rental are basically constant. It only changes as fuel prices change. Therefore, it really does not matter if you book one month or one week in advance.

However, Bus Rental NJ would like to advise you that it is better to book in advance to make sure that you have the right bus you need for your group. This is especially true if you need some special amenities for your bus.