Things to Do in Autumn via a Bus Rental in New Jersey - Part 2

Autumn is a wondrously colorful time in New Jersey where you can enjoy the outdoors without the biting cold that winter brings. This is a great time to get on a bus rental in New Jersey with friends or family and take in the sights.

A bus rental in New Jersey is a great way to get around the state. It is very comfortable and it offers your group a world of convenience as well.

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What can you do and where can you go in New Jersey during the fall? Here are some ideas:

3. Go to the Hometown Harvest Fair

The Hometown Harvest Fair in Highstown NJ is a decade-old affair that features crafts and homemade arts. You could have your fill of live entertainment and food all day long. There is also an area for your kids with such activities as pony rides, petting zoos, clowns and bounce houses. There are also a lot of displays as well.

4. Pumpkin Festival

Cold Spring Village in Cape May is the site of the Pumpkin Festival where you get to party with great food, great music, fun and games. And do not forget the pumpkin painting! There is a Halloween Parade that starts at noon and the admission is free.

5. Go bird watching.

There are a lot of sites in the state where you could go bird watching in the fall. Try the Lorrimer Sanctuary in Bergen County or the Frelinghuysen Arboretum in Morristown or perhaps the Cora Hartshorn Arboretum and Bird Sanctuary in Short Hills NJ.

6. Pick your own pumpkins!

It is not a complete experience unless you go to a farm and pick your own pumpkins. NJ has a lot of farms that open their doors to the public during autumn and offer them the chance to pick their own pumpkins and other fruits and vegetables. Check out Heaven Hill Farm, Lentini Farm, Lucey's Berry Farm, Mt. Vernon Farms in Northern NJ; Melick's Orchards, Phillips Farms, and North Slope Farm in Central NJ and Budd's K-n-P Farms Country Market, Haines Berry Farm and Indian Acres Tree Farm in Southern NJ!

As you can see, the whole state comes alive during fall with a lot of fun and games and unique activities for you and your group. All the more reasons why you should get on a bus rental in New Jersey and see the sites we recommend here.