The Places to See in Atlantic City Onboard a Minibus in New Jersey: Part 5

Getting a minibus in New Jersey is still the best and most convenient way to get around the many sights of Atlantic City.

Minibus in New Jersey

Bus Rental NJ has given you some suggestions in previous installments, so let us continue with the final round of this series. Here are some more places to see in Atlantic City via a minibus in New Jersey:

Atlantic City Aquarium
New Hampshire Ave. & the Bay

It may not be as big as other aquariums, but the Atlantic City Aquarium has a lot of great fishes on display and would surely wow the kids. If you have any questions about the fish that you are seeing, there are staff nearby that you can ask. This might be a great reason to go away from the heart of Atlantic City.

Garden Pier
Boardwalk and New Jersey Ave.

The best things in life are still free. This holds true with the Garden Pier. You can visit both the Atlantic City Art Center and the Atlantic City Historical Museum here. Both are open to the public until 4 p.m. at you can get in at no charge. If you have always wanted to know the history of Atlantic City this is the place to be. It is also great to be away from the crowds at the casinos and boardwalk, and come here to look at fine pieces of art.

Atlantic City Mini Golf
1 Kennedy Plaza

If you have an hour or two to kill, you might want to get some mini golf. Atlantic City Mini Golf is a quaint little place to play a quick and fun game.

Absecon Lighthouse
31 S Rhode Island Ave.

The Absecon is the tallest lighthouse in the state and offers you the best views of all on New Jersey if you can go up more than 250 steps up. There is also a small museum and gift shop where you could get to know the place better.

Charter a minibus in New Jersey to make sure that you get as many places packed into your day. Not only that, you could also be safe and comfortable onboard our buses!