The Bus Rental NJ Awards: Part 2

bus rental njThe Bus Rental NJ Awards brings to your attention the places that we think you would enjoy. This is just a small sample of all the fun things you can do and the cool places you can visit in the Garden State.

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We have already given you the most romantic restaurant in the state for those memorable dates, which is Rat's Restaurant. We have also mentioned Delaware River Tubing as the best water adventure for those who are keeping a close watch on their finances. Here's more:

Best Place to Look at the Hudson River

The Hudson River spans more than 500 kilometers and is the border between New Jersey and New York City at one point.

In New Jersey, you can best view the majesty of the Hudson River at Allison Park. The park has a lot of vista on the river, ornamental gardens, clean restrooms, paved paths and free parking.

Allison Park is located in Englewood Cliff.

If you have friends and family coming over to New Jersey, you might want to show them the Hudson and just spend the day at the park. You could book a minibus from Bus Rental NJ to make sure that everybody gets there in utmost comfort!

Best Trek Paths and Trails

If you are a fan of nature walks and are looking for a challenge, go to Stokes State Forest and find the Tillman Ravine Natural Area.

Stokes State Forest is an evergreen forest, making it the perfect backdrop for the ravine. Take in spectacular views of waterfalls and rich greens of pine and hemlock.

You can also visit the Tillman Brook, a mountain stream.

While in the area, you should also visit Sunrise Mountain. You could climb to the top at more than 1,650 feet!

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