The Bus Rental NJ Awards: Part 1

bus rental njIf you are a New Jersey resident, or if you are planning to visit New Jersey, then be sure to visit the places we recommend here. Not only will you have a grand time discovering the best of what the state has to offer, but you will also see the places that not a lot of travel guides or tours will tell you about.

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The Best Restaurant for That Romantic Date: Rat's Restaurant

Do not be turned off by the name of the place! The quaint little restaurant makes you think that you have been transported to a European Village that looks like it belongs to a painting!

With a French country feel, Rat's Restaurant is both small and cozy at the same time. The beautiful bar has a fireplace where you could gaze into each other's eyes. You could also admire the night sky in their outdoor cafe.

So if you want to make sure that your date is memorable, then check out Rat's Restaurant. The restaurant is inside the Grounds for Sculpture park where you could also take a stroll to admire the beautiful wood, stone, steel, bronze, and concrete sculptures set amidst beautiful gardens!

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The Best Adventure for the Budget Conscious: Delaware River Tubing

Looking for an inexpensive water adventure? Why not go tubing, canoeing, kayaking, or rafting for hours on the Delaware River! If you go to Delaware River Tubing, you can do all these and have free lunch for less than $20 per person!

More than that, you can visit any of the small islands on the river and do some sun bathing.

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