Take Your Kids and Their Friends on Wonderful Tours via a Mini Bus Rental in New Jersey (Part 3)

In this series, we have been suggesting fun places that you can take a group of kids to. These are places where they could have fun and still learn while you save money. So why not charter a mini bus rental in New Jersey from Bus Rental NJ and go to the places?

A mini bus rental in New Jersey is the safest way for you to travel with kids. You can safeguard and watch over them easily because you are all traveling together in one bus. You can have other parents tag along with you. Nobody has to drive because you can rely on our professional and highly trained drivers to do the driving for you.

Mini Bus Rental in New Jersey

Now where to go?

Alexandria Airport

Alexandria Airport gives a variety of tours for the little ones, allowing them to get up close to real airplanes, play on the runway and even learn more about flying and airplanes. They also have great antique aircrafts as well as experimental ones on display.

Alexandria Airport is located in Pittstown, New Jersey.

To find out more about other tours offered by the Alexandria Airport, visit the Web site at http://www.alexandriafield.com/tours/ or call (908) 735-0870.

Sea Girt Lighthouse

The Sea Girt Lighthouse is a great place to visit. Go on a guided tour and see all the rooms in the house. You can go on a Sunday for a scheduled tour or schedule one on your own if you have a particularly big group. Call (732) 974-0514 or visit their Web site at http://www.seagirtlighthouse.com/ for more information. Who knows, you might even catch an event there!

You can take a step through time as you look at the exhibits that they have, you can even get to see photographs of the lighthouse over the years.

The Sea Girt Lighthouse is located on Ocean Avenue and Beacon Blvd. in Sea Girt, NJ. This is very accessible with a mini bus rental in New Jersey!