Safety on a Party Bus in New Jersey

A party bus in New Jersey is a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday party, a high school graduation or any other milestone in a teenager's life.

A party bus in New Jersey can provide you with a private and exclusive party area where you could have fun with all of your friends and not worry about how to get home. It can also help you get from one party venue to another, so you can dance at a club and then have a nightcap under the stars in an outdoor park next.

party bus in New Jersey

But as with all things, you would need to take extra care. The death of Daniel Fernandez, 16, in August 2012 onboard a party bus is a sad case of being too carefree. Fernandez died after sticking his head out the emergency hatch of a double decker party bus when it went under an overpass.

Even on a party bus in New Jersey, there should be extra precautions. For a group of forty or so teeners and kids, there should be two adults present to help ensure the order onboard. Also, follow the safety precautions given by the party bus company to your group. The emergency hatch that Fernandez opened had clear signs informing people that it should only be opened in cases of emergency. What's more, the group had a guard onboard who told the kids repeatedly not to open the hatch.

As for the bus company, make sure that you get a party bus in NJ only from reputable companies that have the required licenses and permits in the cities they operate in. The bus provider in Fernandez's group did not have New Jersey permits. Also make sure that the party bus in New Jersey you get is comfortable for your group. The only reason why Fernandez and his friends opened the hatch was that the bus got too warm while they were dancing onboard.