Running Out of Romantic Ideas? Let Bus Rental NJ Help! (Part 4)

Bus Rental NJ has been a part of a lot of our customers’ lives. This includes romantic dates, moments and getaways.

Bus Rental NJ would love to do the same for you, hence this list of great and unique date ideas.

Bus Rental NJ

9. Go horseback riding or go on a carriage ride.

No matter where you choose to spend your vacation in New Jersey, you can arrange to go horseback riding or have a carriage ride around the neighborhood by contacting Echo Lake Stables. Day or night, you can easily have this unique date! What's more, you can opt for a nighttime horseback ride and your dinner is already included in the package.

10. Go on a cruise.

Contact SeaStreak sightseeing Cruises and go on a cruise along select locations in the state. You can go on a sightseeing cruise where you could see everything from the Highlands to Manhattan. Or you could even stop at New York's Sandy Hook Beach if you take a cruise in the summer.

Or you could go on the Cornucopia, where you could get an elegant dinner while you take in the sights of New York Harbor while dancing to a live band. There are also cruises just in time for lunch and brunch.

11. If you are looking for more adventures, how about a helicopter ride?

Contact KD Helicopters for a great ride over the Delaware River, or getting a new way to see the New York skyline. You could even fly over a sporting event and watch it from there. No matter what trip you want, KD Helicopters can give it to you.

12. Go on a winery tour.

If you think that wineries are New York's domain, you are wrong. There are some great vineyards in New Jersey. One of them is Plagido's Winery in Hammonton. Here, you could visit their tasting rooms and sample their wines. If you are coming with a group, they can accommodate you provided you make prior arrangements.

Call Bus Rental NJ today and make sure that you do not have problems going from one attraction or activity to another.