Running Out of Romantic Ideas? Let Bus Rental NJ Help! (Part 2)

Bus Rental NJ has been scouring New Jersey for some delightful and unique ways to spend a romantic evening with a loved one.

Here is the continuation of Bus Rental NJís romantic date ideas.

Bus Rental NJ

3. Be sure to pamper yourself and your partner.

You may be planning your itinerary right now, so be sure to include some rest and recreation in the mix. Better yet, include a spa visit in your list of things to do.

You could also let the spa come to you. This is just perfect if you want to snuggle in your room and steal more time for yourself. Plus after the spa treatment is over, you really do not have to get up, get dressed and travel all the way back to your hotel. One place offering such a service is The Pampered Spirit. The Pampered Spirit comes to your place, hotel or office and gives you spa treatments that give you total relaxation. There are packages that you can avail of, including one that includes dinner.

4. Not afraid of heights? Ride a hot air balloon.

Riding a hot air balloon is more than just a unique experience for you and your partner. It gives you an exhilarating feeling and a sense of awe getting the opportunity to see everything from way up in the sky.

The good news is that there are a lot of hot air balloon companies in the Garden State, including Hunterdon Ballooning, Tewksbury Balloon Adventures, and A Lot A Hot Air Balloon Rides.

Bus Rental NJ recommends Have Balloon Will Travel, which is one of the oldest hot air balloon companies in the state. There is also Romantic Balloon Rides where you get a hot air balloon ride mixed in with an overnight getaway that also includes a stay at a charming bed and breakfast.

Bus Rental NJ is here to serve you. Just call us and we can provide you with the bus, mini bus, sprinter van you need to make your romantic getaway even more special.