Rules of Etiquette on a Bus Company in NJ (Part 2)

Going on a trip with other people can be stressful, as there are some who would display bad, inconsiderate and insensitive behavior. This is why there are certain rules of etiquette that every passenger must observe. These rules are not something your bus company in NJ imposes or includes in its written policy. These rules are something every civilized individual knows by mere common sense.

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Just as a reminder, these are the rules of etiquette that we think are most basic. In the previous article, we have given you four rules of etiquette that any bus company in NJ would agree on, so here's more:

5. Respect other passengers' space. People can sometimes be very sensitive about their personal space, even if it's inside a bus and within their respective seats. So be careful not to disturb and invade this small space, especially when the other person is taking a nap, reading a book, or just enjoying the ride in silence. So every time you feel the need to stretch your long legs or stretch your arms, or maybe just recline your seat, make sure you don't disturb other passengers. And the same goes for your luggage. Do not bring luggage that's so large it hogs all the space in the luggage compartment.

6. Elderly, women, and children first. Yes, this is the age of equality, but manners still dictate that when there are elderly people in the group, they should be allowed to get on the bus first and take their seats according to which ones would be comfortable for them. And between men and women, it is the women who should be allowed to board the bus first. Between adults and children, children should be settled on their seats first before the grown-ups.

7. Say "Excuse Me." Always say "Excuse me" whenever the need for you to say it arises. Like if you want to take a toilet break and would need to disturb your seatmate before you'd reach the aisle.

Any bus company in NJ would like to see passengers having a pleasant and enjoyable experience while onboard its bus. Observing these rules help avoid fights, misunderstandings, and awkward moments and it makes the trip stress-free for everyone.