Romantic Dates Made Possible by a Limo Service from a Bus Company in NJ

Bus company NJNew Jersey offers a smorgasbord of romantic date venues and activities. But there's nothing more romantic than going on a date via limousine from your limo and bus company in NJ. You can have utmost privacy and comfort as you are luxuriously transported to your date location.

So let's say you have already booked a limo with your bus company in NJ. Where to next? Here are some romantic date ideas that you can try, even without a special occasion.

Romantic Spa and Day Salon. Your sweetheart will surely appreciate a day of pampering with you instead of the usual movie and dinner date. There's quite nothing like easing your mind and relaxing your body together with a sauna and a warm, soothing massage for two. For this, we suggest:

Mosaic Salon & Spa
Avenel, NJ
(732) 669-9880


Mosaic Salon and Day Spa
Shrewsbury, NJ
(732) 530-8877

Grape and Wine Escape. Surprise your wife or girlfriend with something special and out-of-the-ordinary. And while you're at it, add in a bit of culture to the mix. Head over to The Grape Escape at Dayton and make your own wine using state-ot-the-art equipment. You can crush the grapes yourselves and even personalize your wine by choosing the grape type, the region, the barrel type, and the length of the aging process. There are also one-day events that are great for couples and involves such activities as "bottle your own olive oil," "make your own mozzarella," and "bottle your own balsamic vinegar."

The Grape Escape
12 Stults Road. Suite 101
Dayton, NJ
(609) 409-9463

Hot Air Balloon Ride. Tell your limo or bus company NJ driver to take you to Phillipsburg where you can get on a hot air balloon and embark on a short adventure to the sky. What can be more romantic than an exclusive date high up in the air and with a magnificent view below? No need to worry because Have Balloon Will Travel Inc. is one of the most experienced hot air balloon companies and has a 100% safety rate.

Have Balloon Will Travel
57 Old Belvidere Road
Phillipsburg, NJ

Whether it is Valentine's Day or not, or your anniversary or not, treat your special someone to a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience. Get a limo and make our bus company in NJ a part of it, too!