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Privacy PolicyBusRentalNJ.com's privacy policy is committed to using information in a fair manner, to keeping it safe, and to making sure it is accurate and up-to-date.

This privacy policy applies to all pages hosted by BusRentalNJ.com. It does not cover pages or online content hosted by our partners, affiliates, linked sites, or third parties.

To get an idea of how we handle your personal information, please read on. We also suggest that you check this section or page from time to time as we may update and apply changes to this policy as the need arises.

1. What kind of information does BusRentalNJ.com collect?

We collect personal information necessary for us to be able to contact you. This is the information you give us by filling out our contact form or by sending us an e-mail.

You can, however, still access the BusRentalNJ.com site and any of its pages and content without having to give us any pertinent personal information.

BusRentalNJ.com also collects session information, which are the non-identifying information we get when you visit our site and which include:

  • The date and time of your visit to our site.
  • The Internet domain from where you access BusRentalNJ.com.
  • The IP address you used to access BusRentalNJ.com.
  • The type of browser you are using upon access to our site (Firefox, Chrome, etc.)
  • Your computer unit's operating system (Linux, Windows, Mac, etc.)
  • The pages and sections on BusRentalNJ.com that you open.

BusRentalNJ.com may also place Internet cookies on your hard drive that may save personal data, such as your name and your current location. However, you may disable, delete or decline the cookies by activating the relevant setting on your browser.

2. How do we use the information we collect?

BusRentalNJ.com uses any collected information to enable us to get in touch with you, especially when you ask us to. We also make use of this information when making site improvements, changes to our content, and anything necessary to make our site more relevant and useful to our customers.

3. Does BusRentalNJ.com share, sell or rent the information collected?

No. We make sure that no third party is able to access any of the information we get from you, unless we are required by law to disclose it or unless we obtain your permission to make it accessible to another party.

4. How secure is your personal data with us?

BusRentalNJ.com uses industry standards in safeguarding the confidentiality of your personally identifiable data.

BusRentalNJ.com will prevent any form of alteration, misuse, and dissemination of any collected information.

It should be noted, however, that no data transmitted over the Internet is 100% secure. So there may be very rare instances that would compromise the security of your personal data that may be beyond our control.

5. How do you opt out of receiving BusRentalNJ.com messages?

BusRentalNJ.com does not send out random, untargeted, and unsolicited commercial e-mails or messages. We will only contact you via e-mail when you have given us permission to do so and if you have sought for information from us.

6. How does BusRentalNJ.com protect children's privacy?

BusRentalNJ.com will do its best to safeguard children's safety. As such, we will not knowingly accept any information submitted to us by minors without the prior consent of parents or guardians.

We observe all applicable laws with respect to collecting data from and about children. No sharing of such information is permitted in our site under any circumstances at any time.

Last updated: April 6, 2012 by Bus Rental NJ