Places to Go on a Newark Airport Bus Rental - Part II

If you think that a Newark Airport bus rental is only good for one-way transfers between your hotel and the airport, think again.

Newark Airport bus rental

Bus Rental NJ can give you a special tour of the wonderful attractions that Newark has to offer! This is a specially designed sightseeing tour so that you could squeeze in a quick tour of Newark's most beautiful places while waiting for a connecting flight somewhere else!

Prudential Center

If you have the extra time to catch a show or a concert, you might want to drop by the Prudential Center. The multi-purpose arena is where the latest and most popular sports and entertainment events in New Jersey are held.

More than that, you might want to experience dining at several top-notch dining places at the Acela Club, Fire Lounge, Ice Lounge and the Bud Light Goal Bar.

Take a Newark Airport bus rental to the venue with everyone in your group and enjoy the games at the Prudential Center. Then you can conveniently go back to the airport or get a ride to your hotel afterwards!

New Jersey Historical Society

The New Jersey Historical Society hosts a museum in Newark and has two floors of exhibits, lecture halls and a gift shop. Access is free to society members while non-members are charged a minimal admission fee.

The collections at the Historical Society includes physical records of the State's history. Witness how the stories unfold from the letters of New Jersey residents, the costumes, the artifacts, the furniture, the prints, and other pieces.

Military Park

Military Park was created as a training field for New Jersey's soldiers. It now hosts a number of statues that include a bust of John Kennedy, Msgr. Doane, and the Wars of America Monument.

Military Park hosts the yearly Africa Newark Festival, as well as jazz concerts and a weekly farmers market.

These are just some things to do and places to discover within a few hours. So if you are traveling with your group, book a Newark Airport bus rental and take time to discover Newark's best kept secrets in the few hours that you are in town.