Have Fun with the Undead on Bus Rentals in New Jersey

The great zombie apocalypse is upon us. No not really, but if you and your friends are zombie lovers, you might want to gear up and get ready for the Annual Zombie Walk. Maybe you do not know this, but pretending to be a zombie is much better with family and friends, so make sure that you get bus rentals in New Jersey to transport everyone to the fairgrounds.

Bus Rentals in New Jersey

The State Fair Meadowlands is located near the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford. You can take bus rentals in New Jersey to help ensure that you get all your props along. You and your group can take advantage of the travel time to do your make up! Or if you do not feel like it, you can have your awesome zombie make up done by professionals at the fairgrounds.

If you do not want to dress up, you can always just enjoy the night. You can also check out the rides at the fair, which is open for about a month each year. You can go on a batcopter ride, drive bump cars, go on various carnival rides and live animal rides as well. Let your kids run free and they would be safe unless they encounter an undead.

For 2012, the Zombie Walk was held last June, but you will have another chance to join in the fun as the State Fair Meadowlands is holding the State Scare Haunted Attraction that opens in September 28. For the Zombie Walk itself, you might have to wait until 2013.

So whether you are with a group of kids, or it is all adults in your group, be sure to get bus rentals in New Jersey to help you transport your group in a convenient manner. This could also serve as your exclusive rest area.

It does not matter how many you are in your group. Bus Rental NJ has bus rentals in New Jersey for any group of any size. If you are going only with your family or a small group of people, you can always check out our Sprinter Van rental or mini buses!