Go Garden Hopping on a Sprinter Van Limo in New Jersey (Part 1)

The state of New Jersey has lots of botanical gardens and arboretums that you can visit with the entire family or with your very close friends. In fact, you can go on a nature tour and go garden hopping one weekend, touring as many gardens and arboretums in your area as you can. Just get a sprinter van limo in New Jersey and you are good to go.

A sprinter van limo in New Jersey can accommodate up to 10 people. It can fit you, your spouse, your kids, and even your brother and his family, too! No need to drive two vehicles and exhaust yourselves, or cramp inside one SUV.

sprinter van limo in New Jersey

Now, what are these gardens and arboretums and where are they located? Bus Rental NJ has come up with a list per area so you can plan your itinerary. Let’s do Southern New Jersey first.

Lewis W. Barton Arboretum (Southern NJ)

The Barton Arboretum & Nature Preserve is a 168-acre property in Medford Township. You can find it on the grounds of Medford Leas, which is a not-for-profit community for the elderly. More specifically, it located on the edge of the Pine Barrens, and it includes courtyard gardens, landscaped grounds, natural woodlands and wetlands, wildflower meadows, and tree collections. You can see the Pinetum, which is an international collection of exotic pines, a conifer collection, a half-acre rhododendron woodland, and a collection of hollies, viburnums, and crabapples.

The Arboretum is open to the public for free every day, from dawn till dusk.

Sister Mary Grace Burns Arboretum (Southern NJ)

The Sister Mary Grace Burns Arboretum, located on the Georgian Court University campus in Lakewood Township. It boasts of four major gardens, the Classic or the Italian Garden, the Formal Garden, the Sunken Garden or Lagoon, and the Japanese Garden. It also has a collection of plants that are native to the New Jersey Pine Barrens, including the very large and old oaks and the Pitch Pines.

This arboretum lies on a 155-acre property and was the landscaped park for George Jay Gould’s winter home in the late 1890s. He is the millionaire son of railroad tycoon Jay Gould.

Today's arboretum was established in 1989 is named after Sister Mary Grace Burns, who is a former professor of biology.

Stay tuned for more of New Jersey’s best botanical gardens and arboretums in our next few articles.

Do not forget to get a sprinter van limo in New Jersey should you decide to spend a weekend appreciating the gifts of nature by going on a garden tour.