Get Your Fill of Art with a Minibus in New Jersey

Welcome to the Garden City. Get on a minibus in New Jersey and we are sure that you will have the most fun with your visit to NJ!

Minibus in New Jersey

One of the best things to do here in NJ is to catch the best and biggest art exhibits there are in this side of the country. Charter a minibus in New Jersey so you would have a trouble-free moving around from one museu

Princeton University Art Museum

More than a hundred years old and opened since 1882, the Princeton University Art Museum houses extensive collections of African art, American art, Asian art, ancient Islamic and Byzantine art, ancient American art, European art, as well as modern and contemporary art, photography and sketches.

Therefore, if you want to feel like you have travelled the ancient world extensively, then you should visit.

Jane Voorhees Zimmerly Art Museum

The Jane Voorhees Zimmerly Art Museum is actually another university-sponsored art museum. The museum is under the wing of Rutgers University and houses more than 60,000 pieces of American, European, Japanese, Russian art as well as rare books from all around the world.

The Morris Museum

Located in Morristown, NJ, the Morris Museum has a permanent collection of rocks, fossils, minerals, model railroads, Native American arts, pottery, textiles, baskets and other crafts. However, they often hold art exhibits such as the current Winslow Homer wood engravings exhibit, Sightlines, an invitation only exhibit of works from 14 renowned artists from all around the world. The Morris Museum is where you could also see science exhibits from time to time as well as musicals and performances.

Get your friends and family together for a day filled with culture and beauty. Make it extra special by also arranging a minibus in New Jersey so that you get to guarantee that everyone has a great time and everyone can get to the art museums conveniently and safely.