Get on a Mini Bus in New Jersey and Visit Morris County for the Holidays!

Do something special for the whole family or for a group of your friends this Christmas by visiting Morris County on board a mini bus in New Jersey.

A mini bus in New Jersey is a great way to transport your entire group without having to worry about everyone's comfort and safety.

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Where in Morris County should you go? Here are some ideas:

Messiah Sing and Handel's Messiah

Every year, the musician members of The Masterwork Choir come up with the Messiah Sing where you can sing with world class soloists.

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The Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms

The Stickley Museum gives visitors a glimpse of life in the 20th century. Every year, they have different holiday exhibits on show.

This year, you can get on a holiday tour of the museum, or visit the Holiday Trunk Show.

First Night Morris

Celebrate the year-end in Morris County getting drunk, not in alcohol but great entertainment all throughout the evening. This is a great event for the family. There are more than 400 artists showcasing their talent in 80 different performances. From dance, to music, to comedy and children's shows. You can also enjoy the two fireworks celebrations!

First Night Morris County

Winter on the Home Front: A Civil War Christmas

If you want to learn about the Civil War and how life was during winter in those days, then be sure to visit the Historic Speedwell in Morristown. They have an annual exhibit wherein you could visit back in time and join the 2nd New Jersey Brigade as they prepare camp for the holiday season. You can also attend the Officers' Ball where you can see ladies in elaborate gowns, military men in uniform and period music. You can also get an idea of how things were on the home front.


These are just some of the places that you can visit in Morris County for the holidays, so be sure to call Bus Rental NJ to charter a minibus in New Jersey for your trip!