Get on a Bus Rental in New Jersey and Visit Camden - Part 4

Bus Rental NJ has listed down its recommendations on the things you can do and places you can visit in Camden. We would like to reiterate our suggestion to get a bus rental in New Jersey to make your tour extra special.

Bus Rental NJ

A bus rental in New Jersey can help you ensure that everybody is comfortable. It would also help you avoid having to rely on public transportation, which may not be able to accommodate everyone in your group.

Catch a baseball game.

Take your group to see the Camden Rivershanks at Campbell's Field. Campbell's Field is a two-year awardee of Baseball America's Park of the Year and can seat up to 6,500 people. You can even get into the United Way Fit and Fun Zone and visit the bases after the game. If you go on a Friday or Saturday night game, be sure stay for the fireworks show as well!

Camden Riversharks at Campbell's Field
401 N. Delaware Avenue

Get fit on the Camden Greenway.

The Camden Greenway is a network of trails that are just perfect for biking or walking. The Greenway connects Camden, South Jersey and Philadelphia and includes Schuylkill River Trail, Cooper River Park Trail and the East Coast Greenway.

This is where you can get fit and up close with nature. You could even see different animals in their natural habitats!

Tour the town on a bus.

A bus rental in New Jersey can help you visit more places in Camden. What's more, you can even tour the city and get a feel of life in Camden. Have everyone eat at a local restaurant serving the best food in the area, or catch a flea market or scour the downtown stores. You can have things your way if you have a bus rental in New Jersey as your transportation!