Get on a Bus Rental in New Jersey and Visit Camden - Part 3

Bus Rental NJ is highlighting the places that you should visit while in Camden. We strongly recommend that you get a bus rental in New Jersey to make sure that everyone is safe and comfortable during the trip.

Bus Rental NJ

A bus rental in New Jersey can help you ensure the safety of the children in your group. You will be able to keep an eye on everyone and make sure that they are on their best behavior. You can also make sure that they do not get bored by screening a cartoon show or playing fun games while on board the bus.

So what can you do while in town? Here are some suggestions:

See how Walt Whitman lived in his own home.

The Walt Whitman House is the only one that the famous poet ever owned. This is where one of the greatest American poets lived until his death near the close of the 19th century.

You can see his death bed, original letters, personal effects and even the death notice that was posted up on his door. The Whitman House also exhibits rare 19th century photos, including a 1848 daguerreotype of Whitman himself, said to be the earliest image of the poet.

Walt Whitman House
328 Mickle Boulevard
(856) 964-5383

Visit Walt Whitman's Grave at Harleigh Cemetery.

One of the oldest cemeteries in the State of New Jersey, this is where American poet Walt Whitman lays buried.

More than being able to visit Whitman's final resting place, however, you would appreciate just how beautiful the grounds are. Harleigh Cemetery has 130 acres of lush grounds and has made it to the New Jersey Register of Historic Places list..

Harleigh Cemetery
1640 Haddon Avenue

Bus Rental NJ can provide you with the best bus rental in New Jersey to take you and your group to these places. This will help you have a more convenient and relaxing time while taking in the natural beauty of Camden and while visiting these attractions!