Get a Jaguar Now Only from Bus Rental NJ

Bus Rental NJ is proud to have only the best and most luxurious charter buses, coach buses and mini buses in its fleet. We are known for the affordable bus rentals in New Jersey and surrounding areas, as well.

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However, only a handful of people know that we also carry an impressive line of corporate cars and limousines that are available upon request. In fact, it is not uncommon for people to call us and ask if we have Jaguars and Cadillacs on hand, and sound surprised when we say we have them available.

Our best corporate cars and limousines include vehicles from Jaguar. Jaguar is just about the most durable British luxury car ever made. Jaguar is also known for its cars' performance and exquisitely, elegant styling. This car brand is also most closely associated with the British upper crust and old world luxury.

In fact, J.D. Power and Associates found that Jaguar owners are often impressed with their vehicles. As reported in the 2011 Owner's Satisfaction Survey, Jaguar ranked very high in terms of user satisfaction, with most Jaguar owners rating it an average of 84.5%. This makes the brand the third highest in terms of user satisfaction, second only to Honda and Lexus, which took the number 2 and top spot. That is quite a feat considering that the study involved close to 17,000 motor vehicle owners in the United Kingdom.

However, some surveys have found that Jaguar's ratings have been slipping lately. The 2012 survey saw Jaguar's satisfaction rating go down. On top of that, Consumer Report is not that impressed with Jaguar's vehicles. One should remember, however, that these surveys are often based on which model you are talking about, who are behind the surveys and where it was conducted.

Bus Rental NJ, however, took pains to research each vehicle in our fleet to ensure that we give our customers the best experience of their lives. This includes our line of Jaguars. Call us to find out which Jaguar models we have for you!