Gather Kids on a Mini Bus in New Jersey for a Fun Day in Warren County - Part 2

Bus Rental NJ wants you to take your kids and their friends to somewhere fun, educational and truly memorable. Make it extra special by chartering a mini bus in New Jersey to help make the experience a safe and comfortable one for the little tykes.

Bus Rentals in New Jersey

Camp Taylor Campground

With 150 sites scattered around 400 acres of virgin forest, the Camp Taylor Campground is not only for camping, you could go boating, swimming, hiking and other fun stuff. They also have a playground and a recreation field for everybody's use.

Free Wi-Fi access is available on the grounds, but if you would like your group to focus on communing with nature and bonding with one another, you might want to check out their primitive sites, which is much more challenging.

You can rent what you need from them or you could bring your own tents, blankets, or balls. If you are bring all of these stuff, however, it would be a great idea rent a mini bus in New Jersey so you would not have to worry about where to stash all these stuff.

Camp Taylor is located at 85 Mt Pleasant Rd. Columbia, call 1-800-545-9662 or visit their website at

Lakota Wolf Preserve

Take your kids on a wolf watch where they can observe wolves, foxes and bobcats in their natural habitats. The tour will start with an informal talk where you would learn more about wolf packs, eating habits, and other facts about wolves. There are two wolf watches daily at 10:30 am and 4:00 pm, so be sure to arrive 30 minutes earlier. Groups should have an appointment. You should also leave pets at home and wear proper footwear.

The Lakota Wolf Preserve is located at 89 Mt. Pleasant Road, Columbia. Call them at 1-877-733-9653 or visit for more information.

Be sure that your group is safe and comfortable by getting a mini bus in New Jersey to take them to either of these places. It is a small price to pay for letting the kids have great fun!