Gather Kids on a Mini Bus in New Jersey for a Fun Day in Warren County - Part 1

Warren County, New Jersey, is one of the best places to live in, reported a couple of years ago. So, if you have a group of kids that you would like to take on an extraordinary fun day, then you might want to consider getting them onboard a mini bus in New Jersey and take them to kid-friendly places in Warren.

Bus Rentals in New Jersey

A mini bus in New Jersey will make sure that everyone is safe and comfortable. What's more, if you need to bring some equipment or cargo, you will have enough space for it as well.

Bus Rental NJ suggests the following venues:

The Kids' Corral

Looking for some activity to help kids unleash their creative sides? The Kids' Corral at the Warren County Farmer's Fair is a must do for you and your group.

Let your kids hear how farm animals are raised, or let them be entertained by Merriloons the Clown. There are also many contests for the kids to join in such as the Watermelon Eating Contest, Pie Eating Contest, and Fear Factor Veggie Style. They could also learn crafts and folk arts or attend an environmental education workshop.

Unfortunately, the Kids' Corral is only open when the Farmer's Fair is on. To know more about the Warren County Farmer's Fair, visit their website at or call 908-859-6563.

Longmeadow Farm

Apples that are just ripe for the picking await the kids at Longmeadow Farm. And not just apple, but also raspberries and flowers. You can also pick pumpkins for Halloween. You can buy honey, jams and jellies, as well.

The farm is located at 561 Route 521 in Hope Township. You can call 908-459-5351 or visit

Remember to call Bus Rental NJ and rent a mini bus in New Jersey for your trips!