Family Vacation: Get a Sprinter Van Rental in New Jersey

Bus Rental NJ is proud to announce that we are now offering a Sprinter van rental in New Jersey. This new service is perfect for big families or small groups who are looking for a spacious ride around the Garden State and beyond.

Bus Rental NJ

A Sprinter van rental in New Jersey is just the solution for your family outings in the state. It is no longer just for company meetings and corporate outings anymore.

The benefits of getting a Sprinter van rental in NJ for your family outings include:

1. More space means more comfort for your family. No more spending the trip hearing the kids whining. You can make sure that everyone is comfortable inside a Sprinter van. Not only is it very spacious and provides more than enough legroom, a Sprinter van in New Jersey also have a lot of space in the back for your luggage, sports equipment and other stuff.

2. Entertainment is not a problem. Call Bus Rental NJ now, arrange for a Sprinter van rental in New Jersey, and ask to have a television, DVD player and a game console on board. Just bring a few movies and games and your kids will have a great time playing video games on the road or be preoccupied with Dora the Explorer or Little Einstein.

3. Save on gas. With enough space for 9 to 12 passengers, you can just use one car instead of two to three cars. This alone helps you save gas and allows you to have more drivers in the group to alternate with each other. A Sprinter van, however, was made to be very fuel-efficient. Imagine being able to cover more than 22 miles per liter of gasoline!

4. Travel in style. A Sprinter van rental in NJ is sure to impress your kids. Not only is it very spacious, it is also very beautifully designed. The interior is very sleek and seats are not just comfortable, they are well appointed. This matches the beautiful exteriors!