Exploring Asbury Park on a Bus Rental in New Jersey - Part 2

Asbury Park is in the midst of a revival of sorts, with local businesses and residents working together to catch up with other Jersey Shore locations such as Point Pleasant. This does not mean that it is not worth a visit. In fact, you should get your friends and family on a bus rental in New Jersey to visit the area now!

Bus Rental in New Jersey

A bus rental in New Jersey guarantees a way for you and your group to travel to and explore Asbury Park in comfort and style. You can visit Paranormal Books and Curiosities & Paranormal Museum, Silverball Pinball Museum and the Stone Pony with no problems. Plus, you can add these places to your itinerary:

Hot Sand

If you are looking for great keepsakes, or a unique memorabilia of your trip to the Garden State, why not create one yourself?

At the Hot Sand Glass Studio, you can find many beautiful glassworks. You can blow a glass bubble, heart, paperweight, drinking glass or pumpkin. Invest $110 and three and a half hours and you can learn the fine art of glassblowing with their hands-on workshop. There are other classes available too.

You could also get a quick cast of your hands and any other design you want, as well as your own sun tiles.

Asbury Park Boardwalk

The boardwalk is the center of the city's renovation and many new businesses have opened in the area.

Get wet at the Ashbury Splash Park where a day pass for a family of two children and two adults costs only $20. It is the perfect way to cool off and escape the stifling heat wave in the summer! Great for kids, you can bring your own toys or just buy it from the shop at the entrance.

You can unwind and have a nightcap at the Wonder Bar, a popular nightclub on the Boardwalk. If you find The Stone Pony a wee bit too crowded, you can walk right down to the Wonder Bar and catch the latest cover bands here. The bar has a great sound system and a large dance floor.

If you are looking for things to buy, then visit the Grand Arcade with its variety of shops. You can also dine here.

The Tides Cafe

If you are in the area quite early, get a sumptuous breakfast at the Tides Cafe. This is where great food is available at very low prices! They also serve lunch and dinner.

Get more out of your traveling time with no hassles and headaches with a bus rental in New Jersey!