Explore the State's Best Wineries with a Mini Bus Rental in NJ (Part 2)

New Jersey has some of the best wineries in the United States. As such, you can charter a mini bus rental in NJ, gather some of your friends and go on a tour in one of the finest wineries in the state.

A mini bus rental in NJ can help you transport a group of up to36 people without worries. Everybody will have a comfortable seat and nobody would have to wait for everyone to arrive.

Mini Bus Rental in NJ

You could even opt for a mini bus rental in NJ with an onboard toilet, this way you do not have to stop often and everyone on board will still be comfy.

So where can you go? How about:

Laurita Winery

If you want a luxurious wine tasting experience, you can go to Laurita Winery. Laurita offers guests an exclusive wine tasting experience involving a lot of different wines. They also have musical performances, cultural shows and other forms of entertainment. If you want, you can stay the Dancer Farm Bed and Breakfast or relax at the Healing Spirits spa.

Laurita Winery
New Egypt, NJ

Four Sisters Winery

The first thing you would notice about Four Sisters Winery is that the place is much smaller than other wineries you might have visited. But that is where its charms lie. Here, you can expect a wide selection of sparkling wines and wines. But here, everything is much more personal. You can also have a delicious dinner here or watch one of their comedy acts. You could even arrange a fun outing for the whole family.

Four Sisters Winery
Belvidere, NJ
(908) 475-3671

Alba Vineyard & Winery

If you are looking for a varied experience, then Alba Vineyard is the best place to go to. They have catering services, group tours, fine wines, and very memorable customer service. They also have an art gallery there along with great cigars.

Alba Vineyard & Winery
Milford, New Jersey
(908) 995-7800

Even if you get drunk you do not have to worry with a mini bus rental in NJ from us. Our professional drivers will be there to do all the driving for you, keeping everyone on board very safe.