Buy a Christmas Tree and Use a Sprinter Van in New Jersey to Haul It

The second or third week of December is just the right time to buy your Christmas tree. But do you know that between New York City and New Jersey, you could always find a bargain in the Garden State? And you would need a sprinter van in New Jersey to do just that.

You could use a sprinter van in New Jersey to haul your Christmas tree. But why would you do that? Simple: because the trees available in NJ are not only better, but they are priced 20% to 50% less than what the Christmas trees available in New York cost.

For example a 10-foot Fraser Fir tree would sell at less than $100 in New Jersey, while in New York City, a 6-foot one of the same kind would already go for $125.

Another advantage of buying in New Jersey? The variety. The state has a lot of farms that allow you to get the best Christmas trees at the lowest prices.

Sprinter Van in New Jersey

Here's some tree farms we could recommend:

Wyckoff's Tree Farm
249 County Road 519, Belvidere,

Simonson Farms
118 Dey Rd, Cranbury

Cherryville Farms
352 Quakertown Road, Pittstown

Shale Hills Farm
98 Pond School Road, Sussex

Some of these farms let you cut your own trees or they could also do it for you. There are some that offer hot chocolate, fruits, pie and other stuff for free when you purchase.

In addition to getting the best tree, a sprinter van in New Jersey could also help you if you plan to make it into a family trip. You could first visit some sites and attractions in the area, see the local museum or play at the local park before you buy the tree and head home. It would make a great Christmas tradition for you and your whole family!