Bus Rental NJ's List of Events for New Jersey's 350th! (Part 8)

Bus Rental NJ takes a look back at New Jersey's rich history. The first organized baseball game was played in the state in the 1840s. The first intercollegiate game was between Rutgers and Princeton and that game was played in 1869. Thomas Edison lived in New Jersey.

So is it any wonder why the state is celebrating 350 years of greatness? And Bus Rental NJ is joining the celebrations. Just stay tuned to this space and find out the different events that you can go to learn more about New Jersey.

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Take part in the celebrations by attending:

Timeline: New Jersey

Walter Choroszewski is a New Jersey author and photographer. He is also a well-known state pride advocate.

On April 16, 2014, Choroszewski will be at the Jefferson Township Public Library to exhibit photography and present a lecture that touches on the history of New Jersey history.

You can go back to the primeval Highlands through the Ice Age and right up to the present day. You can also meet the first people in the state and the explorers.

You can also learn more about the state's Colonial as well as revolutionary culture and heritage.

Further, you can find out more about the state's many firsts.

Drawn To Dinosaurs: Hadrosaurus Foulkii

The New Jersey State Museum is presenting the 25th anniversary of the introduction of a bill that named the Hadrosaurus foulkii as the official dinosaur of New Jersey State. The nearly complete skeleton of this dinosaur was discovered in Haddonfield, NJ, and helped make southern New Jersey a paleontological center. The museum's exhibit features a model of Hadrosaurus foulkii and a huge illustration of the same. You could also learn more about the contributions of paleo-artists, as well as the study of nature in the study of dinosaurs and their behavior.

Drawn To Dinosaurs: Hadrosaurus Foulkii is open until the end of the year, so contact Bus Rental NJ if you want to see this exhibit!