Bus Rental NJ's List of Events for New Jersey's 350th! (Part 1)

Any birthday celebration should be spectacular and grand. Celebrating New Jersey's 350th birthday means that there are a lot of events in the state that are sure to wow you. All of these events present yet another reason why you should visit the Garden State. Bus Rental NJ invites you to catch these events!

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Bus Rental NJ can provide you the most convenient way to travel all across New Jersey! And now you can add these events to your itineraries.

This Is New Jersey: 350 Years of Garden State History

From January through December 20, 2014, the Newark Public Library will be holding the exhibit, "This Is New Jersey: 350 Years of Garden State History".

The exhibit will feature photographs from library's permanent collection, as well as quotations from John T. Cunningham, a local historian and an expert on New Jersey history.

Vineland Historical and Antiquarian Society's 150th Anniversary Celebrations

Vineland Historical and Antiquarian Society is the local history oldest organization in New Jersey. From February 1 to December 6, 2014, the society will be celebrating their 150th anniversary with a series of events, including exhibits on Black history, the contribution of New Jersey women in their fight to be allowed to vote, and events related to the Holocaust.

There will also be Vineland tours that the society will offer from June to August.

For more information, check out the Vineland Historical and Antiquarian Society's Web page at http://www.vinelandhistory.com/ or call them at (856) 691-1111.

A Community's Journey: Our Place in New Jersey's History

The Schoolhouse Museum plays host to A Community's Journey: Our Place in New Jersey's History, which will run until July 27, 2014.

This is just the start! Bus Rental NJ has a lengthy list of events and celebrations that makes New Jersey's 350th birthday a grand one!