Bus Rental NJ's List of New Jersey's Campus Towns: Part 1

With more than 5 dozen universities and colleges, New Jersey is home to a lot of campus towns. Bus Rental NJ gives you a list of the best campus towns in the states.

Bus Rental NJ

Bus Rental NJ can help you tour these cities and towns outside the schools. More than just seeing the famed institutions, you will be seeing more interesting sites and doing a lot of fun things outside of the campus.

Montclair State University

Montclair State University is surrounded by vibrancy and diversity. You could have a different experience just from walking downtown in Montclair. Nearby attractions include the Thomas Edison Laboratory Complex where you could see the place where the great scientist worked from 1886 until 1931. You can see the place where he invented or developed the storage battery, motion picture camera and the phonograph. You can also visit Edison's house and estate. There is also the Montclair Art Museum where you could spend hours just admiring Native American and American art. Extra points if you visit now because the museum is preparing to celebrate its centennial in 2014.

Princeton University

Probably the most prestigious of all the colleges and universities in the state, Princeton University also boasts of a sprawling and picturesque campus.

Going beyond its walls, however, you could easily fall in love with coffee shops, restaurants and boutiques that dot the Princeton Borough. You can also catch a music, dance or theater show at the McCarter Theatre. For art lovers, you will certainly love the uniquely amazing Grounds for Sculpture Park.

Bus Rental NJ is your best bet in order to see more of these campus towns and have fun beyond the usual campus tours. Not only will you be able to see the beautiful campuses, but you also get to enjoy its environs and get to see how students live in the place. We can provide you with mini buses, charter buses and sprinter vans that would be perfect for your group to travel in!