Bus Rental NJ Wants You to Ride a Cadillac

It is no secret that Bus Rental NJ has the most luxurious lines of charter buses, mini buses and coach buses in the State of New Jersey. No matter what size you need what you are renting it for and what amenities you need, we have the bus for you.

However, do you know that we also have an equally impressive line of limousines and corporate cars? We are talking about the best brands in the world here, so if you are thinking of impressing your guests or date, call Bus Rental NJ and arrange for one of our specialty cars.

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Take for example our line of Cadillacs. Read on to find out just how Cadillac stands up to other brands in terms of quality, reliability and customer satisfaction.

Owned by General Motors, Cadillac is a proudly American luxury vehicle that has a reputation of reliability and durability for more than 100 years now. It has established itself as a luxury car brand while also being very technologically advanced. Today's Cadillacs have full electrical systems, clashless manual transmission and steel roof.

It is not just a matter of branding, too. We have a reliable study that attests to the strengths of the Cadillac brand. In a study on vehicle dependability made by J.D. Power and Associates, Cadillac is the number three brand in terms of vehicle dependability, behind Porsche and Lexus. This means that the vehicle had lesser problems than most other car brands. Users even rated Cadillac as an above average brand and have better interior dependability and body strength than most brands. In terms of power train dependability, the Cadillac is rated as among the best as well.

So what are you waiting for? If you have been raring to ride a Cadillac, then call Bus Rental NJ for more details on how to make this dream come true!