Bus Rental NJ Wants You to Consider a Mercedes Benz for Your Transportation Needs

Bus Rental NJ has been in the bus charter business for quite some time now and we have built a great reputation for providing our customers with the best buses, mini buses and coach buses that fits their needs.

However, did you know that Bus Rental NJ also has different luxury cars in its fleet as well? Yes, we do cater to corporate clients and those who are looking for a suave and sleek limousine. We are proud to say that our fleet has some of the world's leading brands that are known for their durability and superior look. We believe that when it comes to cars and buses, brands are a big factor to providing satisfaction to our clients.

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For our luxury corporate cars and limousines, we are proud to have vehicles from Lexus, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar and other similarly high-end brands. Let us take a look at Mercedes-Benz for today.

Mercedes-Benz has been around for more than a hundred years already and it that time it has built up a reputation for durability and strength. More than this, Mercedes-Benz vehicles are also known for its fuel efficiency and strict safety standards. This is the reason why Bus Rental NJ not only has Mercedes-Benzes in its car fleet, but also a good number of its buses are from the German automaker.

What sets Mercedes-Benz apart from other car brands is that it gives superior after sales service through its OMNIplus program. This assures you that the buses and cars you get from the German carmaker are well maintained because no matter what problems arise, they provide you with unparalleled solution-based service.

J.D. Power and Associates' Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Study in 2011 found that owners of Mercedes-Benz cars rated it above average, while those owners in the UK rate it an average of 82.1%. Thus, Mercedes-Benz is ranked the sixth best car brand in terms of owner satisfaction.