Bus Rental NJ Tours: Nurture Your Body

Bus Rental NJLove your body and it will pay you back a thousand fold! We are exposed to a whole slew of stressors every day. So why not take the time out to relax and unwind? What's better? Take some friends with you on a bus rental in NJ!

There are a lot of places in New Jersey where you can just unwind or do some exercise. Bus Rental NJ can take you and your friends there, no matter what size your group is.

So if you are ready, how about checking out these places to pamper yourself?

Minerals Resort and Spa

Sussex County, NJ

Winter getaways and the great outdoors, these are all here. You really do not have to go very far to enjoy skiing or swimming in a pool. You can also play a round of golf and retire to a luxurious room for a night of energizing sleep!

For more information, call (973) 827-5996 or visit their website at http://www.crystalgolfresort.com

Stokes State Forest - Tillman Ravine Natural Area

Branchville, NJ

Nothing can help you bust stress more than walking through nature's most beautiful creations. At the Tillman Ravine Natural Area within the Stokes State Forest, you can go on a nature hike and watch the breathtaking views on Sunrise Mountain. See New Jersey's majestic farmlands and mountain ridges, while enjoying the endless deep greens of the forest.

You can also camp out here, so if you find yourself too tired to go home, you just have to pitch a tent and rest!

The forest park is open daily from sunrise to sunset.

Call the Stokes State Forest at (973) 948-3820 for more information.

Echo Lake Stables

Newfoundland, NJ

If walking is not your cup of tea, but you would still love to see the best of what nature has to offer, then head on to the Echo Lake Stables.

The Stables allows you to go horseback riding where you can follow ancient American Indian trails and be greeted by the spectacular mountainside views and clear running streams!

For more information, visit their website at http://www.echolakestables.com/ or call (973) 697-1257.

Remember that you can have your choice of cars, limousines, coach bus, mini bus and other kinds of bus rental in NJ for an even more relaxing trip to help calm your nerves and revive your senses!