Bus Rental NJ Tours: Fulfill Your Fantasies!

Bus Rental NJSometimes, real life can be dragging. Day in, day out, we do what is expected of us, or what we have come to know as routine. Why not try to get your friends together and get on a bus rental in NJ and do something fun and out of the ordinary?

Bus Rental NJ suggests that you take time out of your daily realities and make your fantasies come true! Of course, this is great with a few friends around. So do not worry and let us take care of the transportation. Whether you opt for an intimate get-together with your closest friends, or you want to invite the whole office to join in the fun, Bus Rental NJ has the right sized bus for you and your group!

Now where to? We're glad you asked!

Fantasy: Go back in time and meet your knight in shining armor or save a damsel in distress!

Bus Rental NJ Recommends: Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Located in Lyndhurst, NJ, you can count on Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament to give you a taste of the bygone era of knights and ladies. You can live life in 11th Century Spain where you can watch a real live jousting tournament. You can also see how horses were tended and be treated to a great show of horsemanship and falconry.

More than that, get ready to be treated like royalty with a grandiose four-course meal served to you inside a quaint medieval castle!

For more information, call Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament at (866) 543-9637 or visit their website at http://www.medievaltimes.com/.

Fantasy: Live out the old Wild West, where the faster guns win.

Bus Rental NJ Recommends: Wild West City

Cowboy boots, fights to the duel, and a saloon? If you have been dreaming of the wild wild west, then head on to Stanhope, NJ where Wild West City is!

Wild West City recreates a whole old western town, complete with daily portrayals of well-known western events and real-life characters. You can even pan for gold, and make believe it is still the age of the gold rush.

This western heritage park features various live action shows and even has a 24-gauge train that you can ride on. Stagecoaches are also available if you prefer it.

Visit their website at http://www.wildwestcity.com/ or call them at (973) 347-8900 to get more information.