Bus Rental NJ Tours: Even More Water Fun!

Bus Rental NJBus Rental NJ has been giving you tips on where to go for that great water outing with your family and friends. But if you think that our previous recommendations have been tame, then take a look at these water parks!

Hurricane Harbor

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Jackson, NJ

Water + Family + Friends. This sounds like a great Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Day.

Thrill seekers would love the various death defying slides at Hurricane Harbor. For example, how would you like to be blasted down five-story high slides? Or how about an extreme body slide like the Wahini? You can even go for King Cobra's turns, sudden drops and extreme twists!

However, if you have kids with you, you would not want to traumatize them with all the twisting, splashing and falling. Hurricane Harbor has some great rides that are designed for the whole family, including the young ones. Enjoy the waves at Blue Lagoon, or just float idly away on Taak It Eez Ee Creek.

Hurricane Harbor also has a Discovery Bay in the kiddie area for even younger children. This is a play area with buckets, waterfalls and slides for your little tots!

Mountain Creek Water Resort

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Vernon, NJ

Mountain Creek Water Park is the ultimate place to be if you are looking for some serious water fun. You can get to experience how it feels like to be a cannonball with the Cannonball Falls, or regret ever climbing up the H2-Oh-No as you plummet down 99 feet on a fast slide. You can also try other attractions such as the Tarzan Swings, Vertigo, Vortex, Bombs Away, Canyon Cliffs, Colorado River, the Gauley, River Runner, Rogue River, Thunder Falls, Thunder Run, Alpine Pipeline, High Anxiety, Junior Rapids, High Tide Wave Pool and a lot more!

Aside from the Waterpark, you can also have fun on the Zoom Ziplines, the Bike Park, and mini-golf course. You can even unwind at night with a wide range of dining options, from casual to gourmet. Lastly, you can pamper yourself with their award winning day spa treatments!

Have the most fun when you rent a minibus or a large bus from Bus Rental NJ. Not only will you be able to have fun with friends and the whole family, but you can make sure everyone is comfortable and relaxed!