Bus Rental NJ Tips: Top Events You Should Not Miss Out in New Jersey - Part 3

New Jersey is host to many popular events that tourists would really love to witness and experience. In fact, Bus Rental NJ has compiled a list of the top events that you might consider joining if you're touring the state.

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We've already given you a few suggestions in our last couple articles. Here are more events that you might consider joining:

Shad Festival
Where: Lambertville
When: April

Lambertville, New Jersey holds the Shad Festival to highlight the City of Lambertville, their arts, the Delaware River and shad. Shad is a kind of fish that migrates up the river during this time.

The Shad Festival is already more than three decades old and draws around 30,000 to 40,000 people annually. You could watch the waters for shad sightings while enjoying the exhibits all around you. If you are bringing kids, they will love the inflatable rides, sand art, face painting and other activities in the kids zone. There will also be food booths, where you can sample shad cooking as well as other types of food.

NJ Statewide Cultural Festival
When: September

The New Jersey Statewide Cultural Festival was organized only fairly recently. The festival focuses on the arts, dance, music, crafts and food of New Jersey's culturally diverse population.

Get a bus rental in NJ to make your trip comfortable and a lot more fun and enjoyable, especially if you are traveling with a group, or with family or friends. This also helps make sure that you get to the event on time and you get to the venue together, instead of separately. Plus, you no longer have to worry about parking space, and you no longer have to deal with the usual hassles of public transportation like walking another long distance and getting to the place all tired and sweaty!

Call Bus Rental NJ and we will provide you with whatever suits your transportation needs. And oh, stay tuned for more events because we're not done yet!