Bus Rental NJ: Tips on Avoiding Heat Strokes

Bus company NJBus Rental NJ wants our clients to have a safe trip while vacationing in New Jersey. That is why we often offer a lot of tips on how to travel safely and comfortably.

Because of the heat wave that happens in the Tristate area during the summer months, Bus Rental NJ would like to share with you some information about heat strokes.

1. What is a heat stroke?

A heat stroke happens when you have an abnormally high body temperature. This usually happens when you exert yourself in extreme humidity or heat and do not hydrate yourself. This causes your body to generate heat that cannot escape through your skin or sweat.

2. Symptoms of a heat stroke.

More often than not, the sufferer would exhibit signs of heat exhaustion first before succumbing to heat stroke. These signs are usually fatigue, headache, vomiting, nausea, dizziness, nausea, and muscle cramps.

Then when it escalates to a heat stroke, the sufferer can have high body temperature, red or flushed skin, no sweating, breathing difficulties, agitation, disorientation, hallucinations, and seizure. The sufferer may also go into a coma.

A heat stroke can sometimes be mistaken as a heart attack because the manifestations are very similar.

3. How do you avoid heat strokes?

Stay indoors as often as possible and avoid working out or exerting yourself in areas that have high humidity or temperature.

Keep yourself hydrated. Drink water to help keep your body temperature down.

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Avoid coffee and alcohol. Caffeinated drinks and alcohol can cause rapid dehydration.

4. First aid for heat stroke.

Heat strokes can sometimes lead to brain damage, organ damage and/or death. Always call 911 if you see somebody who might be suffering from it.

While you are waiting for the emergency professionals to arrive, get the person out of the hot sun and into the shade. Remove clothing and be sure to rub water on the skin. Fan the sufferer to make him or her sweat. You might also want to place ice packs in the groin area or under the armpits.

When traveling in and around New Jersey with a group, be sure to contact Bus Rental NJ for your charter bus needs. Our buses all have air conditioning, making your trip very safe and comfortable even during the summer months!