Bus Rental NJ Tips: How to Spend Mother's Day (Part 5)

We know how moms and wives work hard for their kids, their families and their homes. So come Mother's Day, they deserve all the special treatment they can get. And Bus Rental NJ helps you make sure that they do get just that!

In previous articles, Bus Rental NJ has suggested cruises, brunches, and other annual Mother's Day events that the women in our lives will surely enjoy. Now, here's the last batch of our suggestions:

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Get her Portrait Taken

Buy your wife or your mom a nice outfit, take her to the beauty salon and get her all dressed and dolled up, then arrange for a photo shoot with a professional portrait photographer. You can arrange to have it at home or at a studio, wherever she's comfortable. She can also play put on a costume if she wants to stick to a theme in her fantasies, or she can just have some glamor shots and poses. It would be nice if she can spend the day feeling like a gorgeous supermodel!

A family portrait to commemorate this special day would be nice, too.

Shopping Spree

Which mom or woman doesn't love shopping? We're sure your wife or your mom isn't an exemption. So treat her to some retail therapy. Get her a nice dress, a lovely pair of shoes, a new perfume, a pricey makeup, whatever she wants for herself and not for the kitchen! Indulge her with whatever you can afford. It would really help if you save up for it ahead of time, though. Make her feel as if she's worth every cent and every dollar, because she is!

That about sums up our list of ideas on how you can make Mother's Day unforgettable and special for the women in your lives. Bus Rental NJ hopes they will love whatever you have planned and prepared for them. And do greet them a Happy Mother's Day from us!