Bus Rental NJ Tips: How to Safely Play Games on Board a Running Bus

Bus company NJBus Rental NJ knows that bus trips can be boring, even with the very luxurious and comfortable buses we have. Sitting there doing nothing can really get the best of you and you start to feel restless, irritable and cranky. You can, however, while away your boredom with these suggestions we have.

However, there might be some in your group who would act as killjoys and not want to participate in the fun. Others might find the game unexciting. So how do you deal with them? Bus Rental NJ offers these tips:

1. Give up and just focus on the fun. If some of the members of your group are not up to the games, then have them transfer to the back of the bus. This way, they will not be a hindrance nor will they bother those who are playing.

2. Give out prizes to winners. You do not need to prepare expensive prizes, but it would be a great idea to have prizes as an incentive for your games. You could offer free admission to your destination, free movie tickets or a dinner for two at a local restaurant. If you prepared games that are to be played in teams, then you can get the winning team gift checks, badges and bragging rights. Or it could as simple as choosing the next movie to be screened on the bus.

3. No standing. Choose games that would not require the participants to stand too much. Remember that you are in a moving bus and having your group stand will be very dangerous because they might fall over.

4. Give consequences to the losers. If you were not able to prepare beforehand for the prizes, you can think of various consequences such as singing, dancing or imitating a funny animal sound. Just write them down and have the loser pick one punishment out of a fishing bowl.

Bus Rental NJ can provide you with the right sized bus for your group, and we can provide for the amenities to make your trip more fun. Just call us and arrange for your bus rental in New Jersey and we would take care of everything you need.