Bus Rental NJ Tips: How to Deal with Car Sickness in a Natural Way

Bus company NJMotion sickness can happen in bus trips. This is because there is a disconnect with what you are seeing and what you are feeling. Your body does not sense itself moving but your eyes are telling it that you are indeed moving. Motion sickness can be very bothersome, uncomfortable and can leave you with a splitting headache, nausea and a little dizzy. Bus Rental NJ offers some ways on how you could cure motion sickness the natural way.

1. Close your eyes. One effective way to deal with carsickness is to simply close your eyes. If you do not see anything, then you would not be confusing your body.

2. Open the windows. Sometimes a little fresh air is all you need to relieve yourself of the symptoms of motion sickness. The air inside the bus can become stale and this often aggravates your motion sickness. There might also be a strong smell inside the bus such as food smells or perfumes that might be causing your discomfort.

3. Get in front. When you sit near the front of the bus, you would get a wider window area. This means that you will see more of the passing scenery. This will improve the coordination between your balance system and your eyes.

4. Try some herbal remedies. Ginger has been known to be an effective cure for motion sickness. You might want to buy those ginger lozenges available at some convenience stores.

5. Try some acupressure. Acupressure might also help if you do not have time or the energy to go down the bus. First, locate the acupressure point for motion sickness. This is found three fingers down your wrist when you have your palms ups. Apply gentle yet steady pressure on this area for five minutes and do the same for the other hand until you feel better. Alternatively, you can get those acupressure bracelets for pregnant women that you can buy from a pharmacy and wear that during your trip.

Bus Rental NJ wants you to have the most comfortable ride ever. So make sure to tell our driver if you are feeling sick and he might be able to suggest some things for you to try!