Bus Rental NJ Tips: Booking in Advance

Bus Rental NJ has been operating a charter bus service for more than five years. In that time we have provided transportation for many groups and we have received our share of thumbs up.

Bus Rental NJ prefers it if you could book in advance. This would allow us more time to prepare the bus for your trip.

Bus Rental NJ

If you are booking in advance, however, you should know some things:

1. Bus companies often require a deposit to be paid 30 days in advance. However, if you urgently need a bus rental in NJ for the next week, you can call up bus companies in the area and check out if they can waive this deposit policy.

2. If you are booking four or more months in advance, consider using your credit card. This will help protect you in the event that problems arise from the time you booked to your travel date.

3. Read the cancellation policy. There are times when events crop up and you just have to cancel your trip. Make sure that your bus charter service has a cancellation policy in writing. Check out the date where you could cancel your booking and still get all of your money back. What happens when you need to cancel at a later date than the one stated in the policy?

4. If you are rebooking, take note that there are seasonal rates. In short, the quoted rates may change depending on whether it is off-peak or peak season. If you booked in advance for a trip during off peak months, but had to cancel and rebook a trip during the peak months, the rates can change. Additionally, you fuel costs, labor and taxes tend to be higher during the peak season.

Bus Rental NJ is particularly flexible with booking options. This is a part of our superior customer service. Bus Rental NJ likes to make you feel that you are in charge of your trip, money and vacation. We are here to help, so call use!