Bus Rental NJ Tips: Where to Eat Without Busting Your Wallet (Part 5)

Bus Rental NJ knows that expenses can be a little tight when you travel.

This is the reason why Bus Rental NJ is giving you a list of places that give you the chance to save on food while travelling in New Jersey.

Bus Rental NJ

Where should you go?

Tony's Baltimore Grille

Tony's Baltimore Grille is where you go for pizza that you could die for. Do not mind the interiors, which have not been changed over the years. Just go there for the food.

If you are craving for Italian food, this is simply where you should go.

Great service, low prices, delicious food is what Tony's Baltimore Grille is all about. You could never go wrong here.

Tony's Baltimore Grille is located at 2800 Atlantic Ave. in Atlantic City. For more information, call (609) 345-5766.

Tun Tavern Restaurant & Brewery

Tun Tavern Restaurant & Brewery offers a wide variety of beer, both local and imported brands, as well as their own brew.

However, Tun Tavern Restaurant & Brewery also serves great food that is one of the best priced in the area. They also give you the best salads and burgers.

Tun Tavern Restaurant & Brewery is at 2 Convention Blvd. in Atlantic City. Call them at (609) 347-7800 or visit their Web site to know more about their food and hours.

White House Sub Shop

White House Sub Shop is one of the best and most affordable restaurants in Atlantic City. It is said that the sandwiches here are better than those found in Philadelphia restaurants.

White House Sub Shop makes use of the bet ingredients and any sub sandwich expert can tell you that they know their submarines. While waiting for your orders, you can look at the photographs of famous celebrities who came into the restaurant over the years.

Call White House Sub Shop at (609) 345-7827 or just drop by their locations at 1000 Boardwalk and 2301 Arctic Ave. both in Atlantic City. You can also visit their http://whitehousesubshop.net/ for any questions you have.

And be sure to call Bus Rental NJ to make sure that you could save more on your vacation while also making transportation very convenient and comfortable.