Bus Rental NJ Tips: Where to Eat Without Busting Your Wallet (Part 2)

Bus Rental NJ knows that food takes up a big part of your budget when you travel. Plus you are always hard-pressed to find good restaurants while on the road. So if you are looking for somewhere cheap to eat while traveling in New Jersey, then you simply must read on.

Bus Rental NJ

Bus Rental NJ has already given you Rutt's Hut, Cubby's BBQ Ribs Restaurant, and Hiram's Roadstand as the best places to grab a cheap bite while in Northern New Jersey, now let us focus on the places we can recommend in Central New Jersey.

Harold's New York Deli Restaurant

Tucked away in the middle of Woodbridge Ave., Harold's New York Deli Restaurant is a great place if you want to share your food. The servings are simply huge and is just perfect for sharing with another person, or two!

Not only is the portions out of this world, the food is delicious as well. Granted, they specialize in deli food, but these are all of high quality. Definitely worth the money!

No ambience, no fancy service, no frills, just good food in big portions and affordable prices.

Order anything with pastrami, get a sandwich and be on your way with your tummy filled with capacity and with enough food leftover for a snack on the bus!

Harold's New York Deli Restaurant is located at 3050 Woodbridge Ave, in Edison. Call (732) 661-9100 or visit their Web site for more details.

Mastoris Diner

Mastoris Diner in Bordentown, New Jersey, is all about big. The place is big, it has a wide variety of food on its menu and the portions are equally as big!

Order the mesclun salad, pork roll and egg sandwich, sunflower bread toast, cheese bread, cinnamon bread, cowboy steak, and you would never go wrong.

With crazy low prices, you can have your fill without thinning out your wallet. Plus they have great service too!

Mastoris Diner is on Highway 130 in Bordentown. Call (609) 298-4650 for details.

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