Bus Rental NJ Tips: Where to Eat Without Busting Your Wallet (Part 1)

When you are traveling, finding a great restaurant with good food can be quite a challenge. But Bus Rental NJ can tell you where you can get cheap bite that are not only satisfying, but also very delicious.

Bus Rental NJ

Bus Rental NJ gives you the top inexpensive restaurants. Let us start with the ones we discovered in Northern New Jersey.

Rutt's Hut

If you have been on the road, you might want a no-frills place where you could come as you are. Try their hot dogs everyone has been raving about them.

This place offers more of a truck stop atmosphere and may not be suitable for family dining, but you cannot argue that they have good food at rock bottom prices.

Call them at (973) 779-8615 or drop by the restaurant located at 417 River Rd. in Clifton.

Cubby's BBQ Ribs Restaurant

Cubby's BBQ Ribs Restaurant provides friendly service, great food and very reasonable prices. This is probably the best place in all of Hackensack to get affordable BBQs.

Inside, there are newspaper clippings that line the walls giving you a glimpse of the restaurant's more than two decades of history.

Cubby's BBQ Ribs Restaurant is on S River St. in Hackensack. Call them at (201) 488-9389 or visit their Web site for more information.

Hiram's Roadstand

Hiram's Roadstand offers delicious fast food. Their hot dogs and burgers are the best things you could order.

What you get is food without the trimmings, effectively keeping the prices down.

Hiram's Roadstand is on Palisade Ave. in Fort Lee. You can call them at (201) 592-9602.

These are the time-tested budget eateries that you could find in Northern New Jersey. Delicious food awaits you here so if you are in the area, you might want to try it out.

Bus Rental NJ is your go-to service provider if you need transportation that meets your budget. We can help you save with an appropriate sized bus, vans, mini buses and even school buses. We still have more places so stay tuned!