Bus Rental NJ Helps You Understand a Long-Distance Quote

Bus company NJBus Rental NJ provides you with the transportation solution you need for your group. If you are traveling outside of New Jersey, then be sure to call us for a long-distance quote.

Do you know how to read a long distance quote? If you do not, do not worry, Bus Rental NJ will teach you how to understand them.

First off, if you are just going to travel within New Jersey, then be sure to read our tips on how to understand local quotes here: Bus Rental New Jersey Teaches You How to Read a Local Use Quote

For long-distance travel, here are the terms you need to know to help you make a better decision:

1. Mileage. Overnight bus charters or for those who are traveling out of state, the charges you pay are computed based on mileage. The typical average rate is $3.00 per mile traveled or higher. This average rate is bound to increase due to inflation and changes in fuel prices.

Some bus companies may charge a day rate. The day rate is the minimum charge you pay per day.

You pay whichever is higher between the combined day rates or the per mile charge. Day rates average around $800 per day.

2. Operator change. As required by law, charter bus companies order their drivers to rest for 10 hours for every 10 hours that they drive or 15 hours on standby. Driver change rates can be as low as $200 or higher depending on how near to your departure point the changes are made.

3. Local travel. Local travel is the number of miles you can travel for free once you get to you destination.

4. Fuel surcharge. Bus Rental NJ and other bus companies keep a standard rate no matter what level fuel prices are in. The fuel surcharge allows bus companies to recoup their expenses for fuel and is updated on a daily basis.

5. Other expenses. Anything that is travel related such as parking, taxes, tolls and operator accommodations are shouldered by the customer. There are bus companies that include these in their quotes while others would only charge you for actual expenses you incur.