Bus Rental NJ Guides You to the Best Christmas 2014 Events (Part 3)

Other Christmas 2014 events

Bus Rental NJ invites you to see these other Christmas 2014 events.

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Now what events should you go to?

If you love history, check out the Annual Colonial Christmas, where you could learn how Christmas was celebrated during colonial times, including holiday decorations, music and re-enactments. The Holiday Candlelight Tour of Liberty Hall, on the other hand, allows you to get to know more than five decades of Christmas decorations as you tour five rooms that are decorated with decors from the 1910s to the 1950s.

Cookies & Cocoa with Santa gives you the opportunity to snap a souvenir photo with Santa inside the Wisner House, or to have some delicious cookies, and cocoa with Jolly St. Nick. The Annual Santa Claus Special gives you the chance to get on trains that would take you from Whippany to Roseland! And while on the ride, Santa Claus will be greeting all the kids onboard and give each one a special gift.

Speedwell's Winter on the Home Front: A Civil War Christmas gives you the opportunity to see the 2nd NJ Brigade camp and see the activities going on there as they bunk down for a holiday away from their homes. You will also get to enjoy an officer's ball that is reminiscent of those held during the Civil War, complete with period costumes, dance and music.

Summit has Santa's Arrival and Tree Lighting, where you can take part in activities for the whole family, as well as great holiday music and Christmas tree lighting.

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