Bus Rental NJ Fun Facts: What you Should Know about the Charter Bus Industry

Bus Rental NJ has been in the business for more than four years now and in that time, we have helped a lot of people get the best tour experience with our buses, mini buses, cars and other vehicles. We have also tried to educate the public about charter bus rentals in New Jersey and beyond.

Bus Rental NJ

Bus Rental NJ understands that there are a lot of myths going around about chartering a bus or the bus industry as a whole. So here are six things that you should know about charter bus rentals.

1. There are no real price comparison sites for bus charters. Bus Rental NJ knows that there are websites that claim to pull pricing information on bus charters purpotedly to give you the best rates on the services you need. But this is simply not true. Unlike airlines, there are no reliable price comparison sites for bus charters. You would have to get a list of bus companies in the area and call each of them up to get quotes. It is tiresome but it is the only way to get the best prices for your need.

2. Take note that when you are using search engines to search for a bus charter service, the highest results are usually those for broker sites. Broker sites charge an additional commission that is around 25% on the average on top of the actual cost to rent a bus.

3. Bus charter rates are pretty much stable. There is no premium charges if you get your bus rental close to your date of travel. Also prices do not go up during peak season. Bus Rental NJ makes sure that you get the same rate no matter when you book and we do not have hidden charges included into the contract, you only pay what you agreed to pay for.

4. In terms of charging, most bus companies in New Jersey charge local charters by the hour. If you go out of state you get charged by the mile.

5. If you are looking at different companies, make sure to check their safety rating, inspection and insurance status, bus ownership and their memberships. Bus Rental NJ is a member of the American Bus Association and is certified by the New York State Board of Education.

6. Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if you are dealing with a reputable bus company.